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stationary bike standIf you’re looking to purchase an indoor bike trainer (sometimes known as a stationary bike stand), my reviews of some of the leading models out there on the web should put you straight.

As a semi-serious cyclist, I have bought two indoor trainers to keep me fit and keep my bike in working order, especially during those really cold snaps. Up until two years ago I wouldn’t have bothered with one of these, but ever since I was given one for Christmas, my cycling schedule – whatever the weather – has never looked back!

If you’re looking to buy a bike stand/indoor trainer to treat yourself once the post-Christmas gluttony guilt trip kicks in, I think you’ll find the perfect solution among my many reviews. To get started, you should check out the Top 5 BESTSELLERS for Summer 2013.

If you’re more of a beginner (we recommend you have a quick peek at our introduction video to the basic types of bike stand) and looking for something very easy to setup (although most stands are easy to setup), it might be worth checking out the review I did on the Bell Motivator Indoor Trainer. If you’re more experienced, check out some of the other reviews I did, including the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.

Top 5 bestselling stationary bike stands for Summer 2013!

bestselling stationary bike standAs the spring and then summer draws upon us (yes!), we thought a quick guide to the top selling bike stands for the summer of 2013 was in order, so here they are! Read the rest of this entry

Whenever you purchase a Blackburn product you know you are getting quality. One of the reasons I picked the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer when looking at suitable indoor bicycle trainers was the lifetime warranty that it comes with; although a brand such as Blackburn means there is unlikely to be any problems, a further lifetime guarantee on the product makes it just that bit more appealing. Read the rest of this entry

We realize that on those bad weather days when you can’t get out on the road, a training session is the answer.

But even then, we bet (if you’re anything like us) that you wish you were out there, feeling the wind on your face. So how about this for an awesome compromise – a training video!

This really is a great way to enjoy your indoor bike training session – with a street video session! The video we found lasts for over an hour, and features a ride through some great typically suburban streets, on a sunny, clear day. Just stick in some music on your iPod or stereo, pump it up a bit, and imagine you’re out on the open road!


With the winter months once again approaching and Christmas just around the corner (it’ll come quicker than you ever thought possible!), it’s time for us to once again point you in the right direction; well, at least for those of you hunting the very best stationary bike stand for your indoor bike sessions over those cold, wet winter months.

These bike stands are the bestsellers online, especially at leading retailers such as Amazon, and from our own personal experience you really can’t go wrong with any one of these…

And if you need reminding why you want to buy a bike stand during those cold winter months, read this.

So, with no further ado, here are the three stationary bike stands we highly recommend: any one of which you should be more than happy to find stuffed into your Christmas stocking :-)

Kinetic Road Machine reviewKinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

This one for us is the top of the range, the one stationary bike stand we really can’t find a fault with. It might also be one of the more expensive options on the market, but this thing just oozes class. This is the one the semi-pros and even pro cyclists will undoubtedly use. Read our full review here…

Blackburn Tech 6Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer

This stationary bike stand has slowly but surely eased its way into the bestseller lists over the last year or so, and is surely one of the top choices out there. Mid-region price wise, the Blackburn Tech Mag is an excellent choice for the serious hobbyist. There’s also a lifetime guarantee to put your mind at ease – not that you’ll need it with this robust and very trusty machine! Read our full review here…

F2 Mag Trainer ForzaForza F2 Trainer

We’re seeing a lot of searches online for this one, and it’s not really surprising. A bestseller for a long time, this bike stand offers terrific value at around (usually just under) $100. One bike stand we’d certainly recommend for almost any keen rider! Read our full review here…


Whichever stationary bike trainer you end up going for, we’d just like to wish you happy riding – and a very Happy Christmas!

As a semi-professional cyclist, it is often frustrating to see my training come to a virtual standstill when the heavier snowfall begins in the winter months. Most cyclists overcome this hurdle by investing in a good indoor trainer, but I guess I was just too stingy and lazy to ever get around to it. Recently, however, my son got me this Kurt Kinetic road machine for Christmas and I haven’t stopped using it since. Quite simply, you’d swear you were cycling in the great outdoors the moment you mount this indoor bike trainer – it is that realistic. Read the rest of this entry

How to setup your indoor bike stand

Setup stationary bike standThis is one of the most common questions we’re asked: how do I set up my stationary bike stand?

It’s actually not too complicated, and usually takes just a few minutes. The following video is a great little guide and should answer any of your questions regarding setup issues. It uses the Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer (we actually prefer the magnificent Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer) as its role model, but the setup issues are applicable to most models. Read the rest of this entry

When I purchased this particular product, I was told that I should have just purchased a cheaper yoga mat by one of my friends. However I’m glad that I did not: the CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bicycle Trainers is one of the most durable mats of its kind that I’ve ever come across, and it’s well worth every penny spent. It is a lot larger than a yoga mat also, and since it was designed specifically to stop slippage it does the job brilliantly. Read the rest of this entry

CycleOps Magneto Indoor Bike TrainerAs somebody who competes as a semi-professional cyclist, it’s a great disadvantage in my part of the world when the winter months come around. Every year I have to sit in my house while the snow piles up outside, and I have to watch as I start slipping behind in my training schedule.

For years I wanted to stick to purely traditional cycling methods without the fancy technology or machines that we have these days. But I finally gave in and decided to invest in this amazing CycleOps Magento Indoor Bike Trainer. Read the rest of this entry

When the weather is cold and the ground sprinkled with snow and ice, the last thing that you want to be doing is taking your bicycle out on a dangerous road or cycle track. However, we all need to maintain our exercise regime over the winter months when we are unable to go outside; that’s where stationary bike stands that you can use your regular bike with come into action.

The great thing about these indoor bike trainers is that you do not have to purchase any modifications for your regular bike – the only money you need to spend is on the stationary bike stand itself (we’d also highly recommend a training mat so you don’t damage your floor or risk slipping over). Read the rest of this entry

RAD MAG Magnetic Resistance Bike TrainerIf there is anything that sends shivers down my spine it’s when the winter months come around and the roads freeze over; absolutely no environment for my fitness regime.

Since I don’t really have time to go to the gym, in the past I have had no choice but to tough it out or to drop it completely. In my part of the world this can set me back months and I have to work extra hard to get back to where I was when it’s safe to go outside again. So this RAD MAG Resistance Bike Trainer was a godsend when I first saw it being advertised… Read the rest of this entry

RAD Cycle MAX RIDER PRODuring the colder months of the year it’s often difficult for me to get out and about with my bike. I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly enjoy most types of exercise so it’s no use going to a gym because I don’t have the time and I don’t have the motivation for most machines. And if I don’t have the motivation then I know for a fact that I won’t bother exercising.

I have been out of commission on the fitness front for a few months of the year due to the bad conditions outside, but I decided to change this for the good of my health by checking out this bike trainer. This stationary bike stand immediately caught my eye as it claimed to possess all the major features that you need on a bike trainer, and the amazing huge (approximately 70%!) price cut currently available on Amazon was nothing to be ignored either. So taking a punt with this, I parted with my money and received it within a few days. Read the rest of this entry

If you are looking for a solution to cycling in the winter or just looking to get some additional mileage on the clock, the CycleOps Fluid 2 indoor trainer could be the ideal answer. OK, I guess I’m like you in that nothing beats going out riding with great scenery, nature and the general feeling of freedom as the wind hits your face, but sometimes we need to settle for second best. Not that there’s anything second best about this indoor bike trainer… Read the rest of this entry

So once you’ve got your stationary bike stand up and running, this little toy will complete the picture: the Cateye CC-RD300W Strada wireless computer.

Let’s face it, we’re not in the fitness game for nothing; every keen cyclist will want to measure and record how far they have traveled for a variety of reasons. Personally, I wanted to see how high I could set my top speed whilst cycling around my town AND while training indoors – and after trying various bicycle computers, I found that the Cateye CC-RD300W Strada was the best value for its price. Read the rest of this entry

Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer Review

Winter can be the worst time for fitness freaks like me. I don’t particularly enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and my usual sporting hobbies, namely cross country running and cycling, are all but impossible in the thick snowfall that decorates my area.

I was even contemplating investing in an expensive private gym membership, but it occurred to me that I might save some money buying an indoor bike trainer so I could cycle at home and maintain my fitness even during the heaviest of snowstorms. Hence, I purchased the affordable, entry-level Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer. Read the rest of this entry

Being able to exercise all year round is very important for every fitness enthusiast, including me. Unfortunately, the weather does sometimes mean that squeezing in a training session can be difficult; the rain, wind and even snow makes me more keen to stay under the blankets rather than don by helmet and ride. That’s why I checked out the Outback Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer – no matter what the weather is doing, I can use my bike to stay fit and healthy. Read the rest of this entry

Complete review of the F2 MAG Trainer by Forza

On first impressions, the F2 MAG Trainer from Forza didn’t leave me breathless with excitement; I had been disappointed by other similar trainers that I had purchased or tried, so expected this product to be similarly disappointing.

However, much to my surprise, after easily assembling the product out of the box, I was very pleased with this purchase. The ease with which I was able to put together the F2 MAG Trainer was amazingly convenient – the last thing any of us wants to be doing is spending hours putting together a piece of exercise equipment, and this trainer certainly steers clear of anything excessive in terms of setup time. Read the rest of this entry

The Cycleops Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer is, in my opinion, the best mid-range bicycle trainer one can find. It is ideal for cyclists of all vocations, no matter whether you’re seeking to shed those pounds put on in the winter months, an experienced professional cyclist hoping to maintain form or a novice who wants to elevate your cycling skills indoors where it’s safe. Read the rest of this entry

Like many others, I dread this time of the year. We’re all eating more to shield our bodies against the cold, but the frigid air and frequent snowstorms (in my area at least) prevent us from getting exercise to shed the pounds. I enjoy cycling, but the sleet on the road makes it much too dangerous. I like staying trim, but I’m not willing to risk an accident for that privilege. Luckily, I stumbled across the Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer. Even when hail the size of fists are thudding down outside, I can still work up a good old-fashioned sweat to keep fit! Read the rest of this entry

An introduction to indoor bike stands

If you’re unsure of what you really need when buying a stationary bike stand or indoor trainer, this is a great clip introducing the basic models. No thrills, no spills, just a quick overview in less than two minutes. Included are quick peeks at the very impressive Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and the Cycleops Mag Trainer.

Hope this helps you out!

When working out and training, music is one of the only things that will manage to keep you really motivated and focused on the task at hand.

Whether you are running on your treadmill or cycling on your stationary bike stand, having an MP3 player at the ready is vital for success; the rhythm and beat can keep you on track without you even realising it. Singing along to your favorite songs can also make the minutes fly by and your cycle or allotted time for a particular exercise passes by without any thought for how long it seems to be lasting.

So when selecting music to work out to, make it upbeat and make sure it is some of your favorite tracks for it to provide optimum motivation.

Here are three of my favorites:

The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
This is a great workout song. The steady drum rhythm allows you to time what you are doing perfectly and the heavy repetition allows you to focus on what I am doing while also singing along to the song. This is a very good song for drowning out your surroundings – of course try not to belt out the lyrics too loud if you are around other people!

Elevation – U2
The pulsating rhythm of this tune elevates you to new heights of cardiovascular efficiency. It’s hard to even consider slowing down as U2 carry you along on a wave of momentum and inspiration.

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
The fact that this song was the theme tune for Rocky III says it all: brilliant, motivational and inspiring. It might be a cliché to use this as the musical accompaniment to working out but the beat is irresistible as a timing mechanism for many forms of exercise.

So there they are: three great songs to listen to whilst working out: get on your bike, plug in the iPod and click “shuffle” on this playlist (of course, you might want to add to it). You’ll be finished exercising before you know it!

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