Whenever you purchase a Blackburn product you know you are getting quality. One of the reasons I picked the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer when looking at suitable indoor bicycle trainers was the lifetime warranty that it comes with; although a brand such as Blackburn means there is unlikely to be any problems, a further lifetime guarantee on the product makes it just that bit more appealing.

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The price of this particular trainer was in the mid-region of what I’ve seen online. Some trainers (such as our own bestseller, the Bell Motivator) can be purchased for under $100, while other more professional and advanced stands (such as the quality-packed Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer) can cost upwards of $300.

When I got mine for under $170, I felt pretty satisfied, especially when it was delivered very quickly – how is 2 days for you??

Despite the instructions not being very detailed (one page instruction with multiple language translations) I had no problem assembling the trainer, with it taking me under 20 minutes.

I found that the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer was very simple to use as it was not clogged up with unnecessary features. Its adjustable height capability means that there is no need for additional stacking blocks (which are commonly required with other trainers) so I could start training straight away.

The noise element of this product does not bother me personally, as I train with my iPod plugged in; the noise may be an issue for those that plan on exercising at night or early in the morning while others are sleeping, but that is true with any bike trainer. Mountain bikes will create a lot more noise than road bicycles, so if you have a problem with noise it could be due to the tread on your tyres.

Several other users of this product have said that they were missing certain pieces of the trainer when it first arrived, but I did not have this issue. It seems that all instances of missing parts were resolved by the Blackburn team efficiently, so there should be no problem if you are missing parts – the lifetime guarantee is there for a reason.

As the designers themselves say, they have used fluid mechanics of shear stress, magnetic eddy currents and Lens’z Law to create a bicycle trainer like no other. Although I don’t understand those concepts myself, I can say that they were successful in designing one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure of using. The adjustable resistance level is great, so you are able to fine tune the resistance with both the trainer’s dial and your bike’s gears.

This item offers the perfect cardio workout for whenever you are unable to exercise outside. Whether it’s due to the weather letting you down, lack of available time or you just feel like exercising in the comfort of your own home, the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer is a great choice.

Value for money

You can spend hundreds of dollars on more hi-tech trainers that may be better suited for professional cyclists, but for the regular everyday user there really isn’t a need for the extra cash being spent. The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 has it covered!

Customer Reviews of the Blackburn Tech Mag 6

There are a number of very satisfied customers online, including these two on Amazon (read more here):

RedBaronKW: This is a wonderful item. The setup is easy and the variations in resisitence are awesome. You can fine tune your resistence w/ your gears, the resistence dial and/or the pressure on the tire. When you get it right it is nice and quiet. It’s a great way to get in those long rides the weather is bad or at night.

Earl Gray: Pretty new to biking and live up north where it is cold this time of year, so really needed a trainer. Did a little research online, at prompting of girlfriend. Got it for my birthday :) Put it together in 15 minutes (including skewer replacement) Works GREAT. Nice design.

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